Double award winning Isaac Charles

Award winning Isaac Charles

Double award winning Isaac Charles – now doesn’t that have a ring to it!

At the start of the year, and having spent the past 15 months perfecting our customer experience, Jo & I had promised ourselves an award win in 2015.  Now that sounds far easier than it actually is in practice.  Although we know that we do a great job, and we are told constantly by our brides how much they appreciate us going the extra mile – we needed to convince a judging panel.Award winning Isaac Charles Bridal House

The Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is the centre of business excellence in our region and its annual dinner is a glamorous event in the business calendar.  This year it was attended by over 700 representatives from some of Birmingham’s most influencial and successful businesses.  Compered by the beautiful and ever so lovely Emma Jesson (off the telly!), and with the very funny Gyles Brandreth as guest speaker, the evening was a wonderful reminder of how far Birmingham has developed in recent years and what exciting opportunities exist in our great city.

Award winning Isaac Charles Bridal HouseSo to the awards bit of the evening.  By this stage, we had enjoyed a glass (or five) of wine, filled our boots with gorgeous indian cuisine and had a giggle with Gyles Brandreth… but what came next was COMPLETELY unexpected!  The first of our two categories was Excellence in Customer Service. If I’m honest, this was the one we really wanted;  recognition that the experience we give to our clients is top of the shop.  I could hardly hear Greg Lowson read out the finalists names, because my heart was beating out of my chest.  But then I saw our name on the big screen, and I knew we’d won!

Award winning Isaac Charles Bridal HouseNow then, to set the scene…we had agreed before hand that if we were lucky enough to take the long walk to the stage to accept an award, we would do so at a steady pace, with grace and charm; taking in this very special first.  In reality, this isn’t what happened. I don’t know what came over me, but I’ve never moved so fast in heels – ever.  I got to the stage with plenty of time to give our acceptance speech and kiss most of the front row – on both cheeks, before the rest of the team arrived.  And believe me when I say, I haven’t lived it down since!  The very next category winner to be announced, was for Excellence in the use of Social Media / Digital Marketing, this was also the second category we had entered.  Taking the long walk from the stage back to our table, we had just reached our seats when our name was announced as winner AGAIN.  This time there was an audible ‘whoop’ from the audience as we started to make our way back to the stage.  And yet again, I hit the aisle and trotted off like I’d just been told Emma Jesson was holding a large cholcolate eclair with my name on it!

Award winning Isaac Charles Bridal HouseTaking home two of the nine awards on offer was, of course, the cherry on the cake of a fantastic evening for Isaac Charles.  Especially when told that one business taking home more than one award, hasn’t happened before in the chamber’s 102 year history!  Our double win reinforced what Jo & I already knew; we have the best team in the industry.  Isaac Charles has developed a reputation for delivering the highest levels of service, using the most effective methods of communication to our clients.  A reputation that we are extremely proud of.

So onwards and upwards we go… 2015 has only just begun, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for Isaac Charles Bridal House in the coming months.