To cape or not to cape…

Jessica Brown2

Jessica came to our store in Birmingham city centre looking for a wedding dress with drama, with style and above all, with the WOW factor.  But doesn’t every bride I hear you say… well not every bride is ready to step outside the box and try something a little left field.  Or let me put it another way, in our experience, not every bride is ready to consider wearing a cape on her wedding day!

If I was to ask you to close your eyes and imagine a bridal cape, I’m sure that many of you would picture a faux fur or feather number, something that would suit a snowy scene or at least a traditional winter wedding.  But how about a delicate full length chiffon cape with subtle hand-beaded neckline, not a generic accessory chosen from the rail, but a cape individually designed to coordinate with your dream wedding dress… A bridal cape that could be worn in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and makes an unforgettable style statement.

Imagine no more, as here is our bride Jessica (aka Mrs Oades), who married her sweetheart in May this year, wearing the exquisite Secreto gown from Franc Sarabia, with co-coordinating full length chiffon cape…

Jessica Brown1

Jessica Brown3

So back to the original question ‘To cape or not to cape’… our verdict is a resounding yes, Yes, YES!

Jessica Brown

 Our beautiful bride Jessica, the new Mrs Oades, writes a few words about her experience with us – choosing the dress of her dreams and her journey thereafter…

Thank you so much for all you did for me. Selina an Ruth especially. I can’t get over how stunning the dress was! Selina was so attentive when looking after me an my dress. She really went out of her way to make sure it was perfect. I had so many compliments on my dress saying ‘it was out of this world!’ I lost over 1 stone on the lead up to the wedding which meant I had to my dress taken in on three occasions. It fit me perfectly on the day. These guys really know what they are doing. 

Ruth was so patient with me. I know I can be a pain when it comes to worrying. I’m a perfectionist haha! But you were always lovely to talk to and always told me what looked best! 

Much love 

Mrs Jessica Oades! Xx